Notebook Extensions


To install and enable the nbdime notebook extensions, run:

nbdime reg-extensions [--sys-prefix/--user/--system]

Or, if you prefer full control, you can run the individual steps:

jupyter serverextension enable --py nbdime [--sys-prefix/--user/--system]

jupyter nbextension install --py nbdime [--sys-prefix/--user/--system]
jupyter nbextension enable --py nbdime [--sys-prefix/--user/--system]

This will install the nbdime notebook server extension, and the notebook frontend extension.


After installing the extensions, one or two buttons should show up in the notebook toolbar, as shown in the figure below.

nbdime buttons in notebook extension

Figure: nbdime’s buttons in the notebook extension.

Clicking the git button will open a new tab showing the diff between the the last commit and the currently saved version of the notebook. Note that this button will only be visible if the notebook is currently in a git repository.

Clicking the checkpoint button will similarly show the diff between the checkpointed and currently saved versions of the notebook.